Oct 4

RI House, Finished

A year in the making, but its finally complete. The house in Rhode Island is finished.

Oct 8


Amanda comes down from her Disneyland high.

Disneyland Characters

Its amazing how quickly you can get caught up in trying to get a picture with all the princesses. Oldest daughter's favorite: Cinderella. Youngest: Pooh. Dad's: Ariel You can tell what day it was by the color of Phoebe's shirt.

Oct 31

Trick Or Treat

The kids all dressed up for Halloween!


Nurse Scheduling

Demo time! If you want to see what we've been working on, click here. There are two parts to the demo, the first is an admin view where you can upload nursing schedules as they come out of Stanford's big dollar payroll/scheduling system. The second part is a viewer, where you can view the schedule.

All well and good, but unfortunately the schedule as it comes out of the system only reflects reality for a few days. After that the nurses have swapped around shifts so often as to be nearly useless. Our next milestone is to create a shift "swapping" system that saves the admin time, and keeps the schedule correct.

The demo is being served up off of a DSL line, so its a bit slow. After the next milestone, I think I'll move it to Hinkty. If you would be so kind, don't off delete schedules. Feedback is of course appreciated!

Little House On The Prairie