Monday, December 26, 2005

Who Travels?

Posted by Phil Aaronson at 8:45 PM

What my wife said. Who would have guessed we would hit stop and go traffic at noon on Christmas day. I could almost hear thousands of Bay Area Moms saying all at once, "we'll have a nice family Christmas morning and then head up to the mountains ...", creating a Borg like many-is-one voice.

I should add, when we returned home and my wife checked the traffic online, out of morbid curiosity. She checked Yahoo! first (I work for Yahoo!, so she's biased). Unfortunately "Traffic" is not listed as a "feature" on the top of the front page. Those listing refer mostly to Yahoo! properties. But of course, no user cares how Yahoo! business properties are organized, they just want to find out about traffic. So she searched and went off to, and linked to them in her article. After hearing about this, I showed her the traffic link on the front page on the right, under the weather. Her comment was, "what's it doing down there?". Good point, what is it doing down there. Doh!


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