Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Charlotte's Web

Posted by Phil Aaronson at 9:06 AM

Salutations! Just before we left for NYC I finished reading E.B. White's classic, Charlotte's Web to the girls. Which was funny because I remembered seeing the film when it opened with my Mom at Radio City Music Hall. Walking past there reminded me. I'm pretty sure that was my first train ride into the city back when I was six? It was a long time ago.

It took quite a few pages before the girls warmed up to the story, and The Hobbit still ranks as their favorite, but they enjoyed it. My favorite Dad moment was when my oldest kept stopping me to ask, "is there a girl in this book?" To which I would always reply, "yes, Fern is a little girl." But really, I should have just reminded her that Charlotte's a girl.

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  2. Charlotte's Web, film adaptation, imdb.com.


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