Thursday, November 10, 2005

Video Message Board

Posted by Phil Aaronson at 10:08 AM

Originally uploaded by Velo Steve.
My friend Steve and I have been bouncing around the idea for doing a Hellyer Velodrome video podcast for next year's Friday night series. For those that don't know, a velodrome is a track for bicycle racing. At the turn of the century, track racing was one of this country's most popular sports! And there's all this great bike racing going on in South San Jose every Friday night during the summer, and only a few people get to enjoy it.

The concept is basic, run around with a couple digital camcorders, pull it together in iMovie and post. The hard part, and the part that would really make the project is a good commentator(s) for the action. Who could do it week in, week out? That got us thinking. Wouldn't it be neat if anyone could contribute a "track" to the video. So say, a couple junior racers (under 18) could sit down and record an audio track and upload it, and we would somehow make that an option you could select on the site, while watching the video. Sort of along the lines of having different tracks on a DVD. You can watch Star Wars, and listen to the usual sounds. Or you can watch Star Wars and listen to George Lucas tell you about every scene.

Which I think is a really cool idea. The only problem, almost no one records audio.

So then we started thinking about message boards and, well, pop-up video. Remember pop-up video? It was MTV, or VH1, one of those. While showing a music video and these pretty darn funny factoid balloons would pop up (and make a pop sound while doing it) containing some factoid about the scene in the video being viewed.

So what if we had a message board, and anyone could post a message and tag it to some offset in the video. So I could post, "That's Jim jumping off the front there" and tag it to, 10:30.2 and then our (I'm using the royal our) software would cause the message to pop 10 min 30.2 sec in. In other words, a video message board.

How would you build a video message board?

  1. Hellyer Velodrome
  2. Junior Velo, Steve's junior track racing blog.


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