Tuesday, November 22, 2005

San Francisco Grand Prix No More

Posted by Phil Aaronson at 4:37 PM

I wonder if we're seeing still more effects of Lance Armstrong's retirement on cycling here in the US. The San Francisco Grand Prix was originally created as a victory lap for Lance. While they don't mention his retirement as a cause for the 2006 cancelation in this article, certainly landing sponsorships for the race must have become a lot harder without him. Couple that with the Board of Supervisors trouble and it must have become nearly impossible. It's really too bad because that race did a lot of good things for cycling in Northern California. Small local teams like Jelly Belly and Webcor could point to televised race coverage and say with a straight face to their sponsors, here is a return on your dollar.

  1. Chauner pulls plug on `06 SFGP, VeloNews.
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  3. Jelly Belly Pro Cycling Team.
  4. Webcor Pro Cycling Team.


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