Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Panic on CoreImage

Posted by Phil Aaronson at 5:12 PM

As a follow up to a note I wrote about CoreImage back in March, it was funny to hear Panic's take on CoreImage in their interview on Cocoa Radio. CoreImage is Apple's new image manipulation framework shipping with Tiger for developers. I tried to capture the jist of the conversation off of the interview:
Panic: I keep expecting to see a really awesome Cocoa alternative to Photoshop and I'm surprised something like that hasn't happened yet ya know, on the Windows plantform you have PaintShopPro and all these viable alternatives to Photoshop. Nothing really exists on the Mac.
Anyway, I'm getting off on a different topic.

Blake Burris: Well, that's a really good point because of CoreImage ...

Panic: It's totally true. Then again it comes back to sort of we sort of occasionally suffer from Apple new technology paranoia. Which is you see something like CoreImage, that's totally awesome! You could totally make a totally awesome Photoshop.

But why is that there?

Why did they add that?

Maybe they're [Apple] making a totally awesome alternative to Photoshop.
The interview was before Aperture shipped, so they did indeed read the development landscape correctly. Not that Aperture was a totally awesome alternative to Photoshop, but that perhaps it really wasn't the best time to start working on a new product in the photo space.

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  4. Aperture, Apple's pro post-production tool for photographers.


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