Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Yahoo!'s Blog Search

Posted by Phil Aaronson at 10:20 AM

I'm on the fence about the new beta release of Yahoo! Blog Search on Yahoo! News. My worry and I think the biggest negative is that the results look a bit too much like text ads. But that negative is also something of a positive. It really would make it very easy to include as a module in my (or anyone's) blog once they get the API up and running. And of course, having the blog results come back with the news results is a good thing. I don't need two separate interfaces.

The other issue that needs to be worked out: I'm still not sure how they're deciding which blogs to include at this point but coverage is limited. But it is a beta, and given the new way they're presenting the results going early is probably a good thing.

Disclaimer: I work for Yahoo! but not in Search or News.


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