Sunday, August 14, 2005

Blogger Hiccup

Posted by Phil Aaronson at 10:54 PM

[July 12] For some reason Blogger got it in its head that I wanted a "short" length atom feed, meaning, only the first 255 characters. I didn't. I never changed the setting, Blogger hiccupped. I re-saved my existing settings again, republished the feed and that seemed to fix it. I hope! But I appologize for any articles appearing as unread that you could swear you've already read.

I feel like I have learned what I wanted to learn about Blogger. It may be time to move on, once again and try something new.

[Update July 19] Blogger's at it again, shortening the feed size on me. Same problem, same fix, same applogies. Sorry folks.
[Update July 23] And again. Enough already.
[Update July 26] And again. *sigh*
[Update Aug 14] And again. Grrrr.
[Update Sep 02] And again. I gotta make some time to roll my own.


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