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Amanda Burke-Aaronson


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  • The Santa Clara County Democratic Party.
  • My name is Amanda Burke-Aaronson, and I am running for the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees.

    I am a neonatal nurse, and a professor at the University of San Francisco. I served on the Attendance Area Advisory Committee the last time the school boundaries were redrawn in 2007, and worked to represent the needs of the North of El Camino, and especially the English Language Learner community here.

    My reasons for running include continuing to strive to bring the entire community together for the good of our children. I also wish to open the lines of communication, in order to effectively represent all the parents and the community. Lastly, I want to look at innovative ways to keep LASD on top, for the benefit of our children, in the face of the current financial challenges that face education.

    One recurring divisive issue in this district is facilities. Approximately every 5 years attendance boundaries have needed to be redrawn. We once again face a facilities issue in the growth of a few of the district schools, and the question of where to permanently house the charter school. It is my intent to look further at alternative options – getting feedback from the community – such as re-evaluating the grade configuration of the schools, allowing schools to grow naturally within the physical confines of their facilities, no longer binding all schools to 600 students, or perhaps creating magnet programs within the district to entice students to underutilized campuses.