Jan 3

Learning to Learn

Before you can teach, you must master the fundamentals.

Jan 19

Working For Pay

I thought this article by Mike Johnson was particularly on target. Ok, replace "photography" with "software" and I can relate completely.

Jan 21

The Drier That Wouldn't Quit

A tale of inattention, and poor interface design costing me money.

Garage State

Its sort of silly to run up and down a flight of stairs to check if the garage door is up or down. Then again maybe I'm OCD.

Jan 26

RoundRects: We Learn Nothing From History

Why rounded rectanges are important, and why do we keep forgetting that?


Postfix GUI: Initial Concept

A product idea for managing spam. Allow users to create email aliases that have an expiration date and/or keyed to a specific domain. Since Postfix ships with OS X (Panther), focus on building a GUI to allow non-technical users to configure and run it, as well as extend its alias functionality to support the date expiration and domain specific features.

Redirect Test

Take the redirect test. It seems every browser sets the referrer a little differently when you go through a redirect. Not very exciting, but its important if you're into web analytics.

CmlAgent: Initial Concept

Your typical browser is so darn user friendly it pisses me off. For something I use every single day, day in day out, I can master a complex but efficient command line.